Bat Experts Visit the Forest

This week several bat experts from BUNDIS (German Friends of the Earth) visited the forest discussed and shared information on bat behaviour and their population pressures in the shrinking forest. The group that has evicted tha bats and mice by blocking their habitats has refused to engage  us in this discussion reregardless of many requests and calls to discuss and explain their animal evictions in front of the harvesters by setting up a bogus claim that now there is no endangered bats in the forest about to be cut.  This group is not only sponsored and paid by RWE but it was also discovered during this visit that their claims that they are affiliated and aproved by BUND were misrepresentation and were untrue.

The walk with infra-red camera looked at and for evidence of plastic covered holes being reopened by animals, fluid and smell comig from the opening indicating that animals were closed in inside.  As a result of all the above evidence being  found across the forest as many closed openings as possible were re-opened.


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Hambi Solidarity Actions from Everywhere

Incredible wave of support, banner drop actions, soli demos, info points and vigils support during last week of stress of imminent evictions, the trauma of witnessing two days of destruction of the forest and of state physical and chemical violence directed at our comrades of seeing the hipocricy of COP23 being followed by mad corporate rush to extract the last dirty fossil fuels with the strong arm of the state during all this bullshit and through more that continues those action made many including the person writting this remember and feel that we are not alone in this struggle….


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