anti-speceist week: 19th to 25th of March

An anti-speceist week will take place in Hambi in March! You are all welcome to join for a series of workshops and talks that will be themed on animal exploitation, human/animal relationship and (criticism of) veganism.

Speceism is an oppressive mechanism just like racism and sexism. Some activists from the Hambacher Forest would like to underline that our fight against the existing power structures doesn’t limit itself to human beings, but that it also concerns other living beings.
We will soon update you with a more detailed program!

Let us know by email if you want to give a workshop (

A part of the week will revolve around action training. We would like to organise together a day of action, to put our theory into practice. Indeed, our aim is not only to raise awareness about the constructed normality of animal exploitation, but also to play a role in the destruction of this power structure.

We look forward to fruitful discussions 🙂

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