live-ticker: barricade eviction 22/01

22:00 There have been “only” ten activists in police custody in Aachen (* NOT counting from the tunnel person who was taken to a hospital). One activist is already free again, nine have tomorrow morning at ten o’clock a judicial performance demonstration.

20:30 The person from the tunnel system is probably now released from the tunnel and was placed in an ambulance.

18:46 It looks like humans are still being evicted in the underground Lockon today. About 30 emergency services (police, mine rescue, fire brigade) try to find a way to clear the hole.

17:49 Police abandon the mission in the forest for today. Tripod and Monopod at Jesus Point are still standing and still occupied! The human being in the lock on under the earth is still there. Police announce to stay at the hole, but otherwise leave the forest.

18:42 finally it seams like they are still going to get the person out of the hole today. Police, fire workers and special technical forces are there.

17:50 police is leaving the forest! Tripod and monopod at jesuspoint are still there. The person in the underground lock on is still there, too. Police says they are going to leave the forest except for officers “taking care” of the person in the underground lock.

17:16 a generator and lights are brought to the person locked on under ground close to deathtrap. eviction seams to be close.

17:05 correction: person on Tripod cannot be evicted yet, because the arm of the cherry picker is too short and the person has functioning legs to move around and climb up the traverse. What a surprise.

16:58 7 activists arrived in gesa aachen

16:56 last person gets evicted from tripod, 3 person still on the monopod, one person still in a hole near deathtrap

16:36 person in the traverse and the tripod got evicted, one is in bad shape, police gets more and more violent

16:16 police is coming closer to the person on the traverse, insults being shouted from the police

16:14 person on the tripod is being cut out

16:08 the cherrypicker cannot be moved, police started to improvise, wow.

16:06 climbing cops got on the tripod and started to throw stuff down. One person climbed to the top of the tripod the other climbed on a nearby tree

16:05 police control near tripod – people had to remove their clothes

16:00 skypod got evicted, heavy violence against the person on the skypod was heard and seen. One person is hanging in the treverse between the skypod and the tripod.

15:57 some police cars got stuck in the mud, ADAC is coming for the rescue

— some people (about 15) were brought to gesa in aachen, they would be happy for any support (tea, food, an open ear) —

14:36 three people squatted the cherry picker on Jesuspoint and got pulled down by the police with a massive use of violence

14:12 the rib of a daughter of one of the supporters has been bruised when being searched by the police..

13:48 police has left the meadow. Adieuuuu!!

13:41 lifting platform at western tripod, person located their is being evicted.

13:31 Afd members of parliament are in the forest hundreds of police officers plus helicopter for their protection.

13:30 the second monopod is getting evicted. A path through the forest has been cut to pass jesuspoint tripod. Person on monopod is locked on.

13:13 Inhabitants of the meadow are not allowed to go to the compost toilet without showing their IDENTITY CARD. Also to go to the meadow you have to proof your identity.

12:59 police is cutting in the west of Jesuspoint for making a new path to the other monpod.

12:45 barricades surrounding tripod at Jesuspoint are being evicted. Tripod and Monopod next to it are occupied by several people.

12:18 Monopod has been evicted, person is being searched. Lifting platform is 30 meters to tripod at jesuspoint. 100s of police officers there.

12:15 heli flies above meadow and forest.

12:05 8 police cars are arriving to the hangar.

12:0: the activists will be brought to Aachen

11:30 tripod is getting cut by two chainsaws.

11:23 tripod is still standing.

11:19 person from skypod is now down and is getting searched in front of police transporter. Two persons are inside already and are now being brought to gesa Aachen.

11:10 two activists that were on the tripod will be brought to gesa in Aachen. They will be happy to get gesa support! <3

11:04 Peak of tripod has been cut. Lifting platform is approaching activist.

10:43 politicians are on the way to the forest tour

10:35 Police are coming with lifting platform to Deathtrap. They do not know what to do with the hole. More police going into the forest.

10:27 Tripod is evicted one person still on the monopod.


10:20 one person is in the walkway, 2 persons will maybe go to gesa.

10:14 10 police cars are surrounding the meadow

10:10 3 people got evicted (deathtrap). 1person is still on the tree house.

10:03 8 police cars are on their way from Morschenich to the meadow.

10:00 police has left gallien.

09:50 police dogs at Teaktown.

09:46 3 police cars on their way to Hangar close to the meadow.

09:20 seems like they are evicting the compost toilets.

09:20 police cars got stuck in the mud. You never learn out. 🙂

09:20 8 police officers are walking around Gallien. 6 are in Lorien, 10 in T town. 10 police cars between Lorien and forest.

09:15 Northing happening at Kieswerkk.

09:05: police will start trying to get a person out of a hole on the secu-street.
Police is standing in Oaktown by the gate leading to Gallien.

09:00 police is walking on a path of the forest that leads to secu street (spotted between gallien/north)
9 police cars are stationed at the edge of the forest.

08:55 A drone is flying over Secu road.

08:25 Meadow is all surrounded.

08:15 Police is approaching the forest from different directions, at deathtrap (in the very east of the occupied part of the forest) police is gathering and from the west through Miketown police is coming towards the Meadow.

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