Tues. Decompression Evening for the Hambi5, 7PM Roundhouse

Tuesday February 6th Decompression Evening  for the Hambi5 in the Roundhouse 7PM

All of the recently released Hambi5 as well as all former prisoners are invited for an evening featuring exhibit of prison art, videos and photos from previous and this weekend solidarity with prisoners actions.  Letters will also be written on the remaining Hambi4 still imprisoned in JVA Cologne.

Please bring food, photos and videos from this Saturdays mobilization.

Tuesday will also be a reconnaissance day for the upcoming trash clean up of the forest to address among other damage and debris left from multiplicity of past evictions and large volume of trash laying among the full length of now closed local roads and the former A4.  If you would like to help please show up in the Meadow at 1PM and stay for the prisoner solidarity evening.

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