Hambi 4 in Prison for a Month now!

Today the Hambi4 Have been in jail for a month. For a whole month for resisting forest and climate destroying bullshit of RWE and NRW Police by refusing to identify themselves. Refusing to identify themselves to among other reasons not make it so easy to keep issuing orders to stay away from the Hambach Forest and RWE properties that so often been given to Hambi, Climate Camp and Ende Gelände people to make it more difficult for them to continue our resistance. In Germany so far it was only possible to be detained for 48 hours without being identified with no charges being filed. This has always been the case in the past, this time however after starting a PR shitstorm for months threatening to cut roads into the forest if a single rock flies the cops still ended up arresting a record number of people just for not getting out of their way.

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Forest Walk This Sunday

A monthly Forest Walk with Michael Sobel will take place this Sunday.  Its another chance to see many of the occupied barrios, talk to and listen to some of the Hambacher Forest activists.  Take advantage of coming to bring any additional supplies for the occupation that you might no longer need.

What makes this walk different is that there will be more press.  New York Times and National Geographic will be present.  Regardless of largely positive press from national and international media it is good to remain critical of mainstream news outlets and keep convey our message without being distracted by small stuff, like how we poop in the trees.  That is why if there is any banners that those coming will have access to, please bring them.  Banners at Sunday walk have allways been important regardless of the presence of the media.  There will be lunch, info and music.  Come by yourself or bring friends and family.  Please remember that as the forest is about to dry up and spring nears, combined with mass propaganda campaign going against Hambi, that each walk could be the last chance to see and document Hambacher Forest Occupation in its present shape.  That is why the visitors and supporters are so crucial in showing that most of German public is fully behind the immediate Coal Exit and that many people do not belive disinformation about Hambi that regularly especially before police action appears in some of the local press owned and coopted by fossil fools industry and RWE.

Thanks everybody even if you could visit only once in the past and do make plans to do again.

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Hambi Support Meeting 6PM Today in Roundhouse


Today a support meeting for the Hambach Forest will take place in the Roundhouse at six.  If there is anything you would like to help with or would just like to found out what needs to get done please do come.

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Our Comrades in Eco Struggles World-Wide Killed at 4 a week

The rates of ecological activists, indigenous people, and wildlife rangers and protectors who have been killed in 2017 continued to increase to now 4 a week.  This is about four fold increase since this statistic has been collected in 2002.

It might not be a surprise for those familiar with #RWE extensive repressive apparatus: its over four private security companies with international mercenary groups hired to spy on protesters and with massive unquestionable police protection for their eco and climate destructive operations, it might not be a surprise for those familiar with the fact that extractionists will stop at absolutely nothing to make another euro, dollar or yen that the largest single group of these documented victims, 36 all together were killed by mining interests. Here in Rhineland, RWE just send thousands of cops and has our activists locked up for months on bullshit charges but in places like Siberia, and Columbia where it also mining people described in this study are being killed.

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