Hambi Prison Story from Ossendorf where Hambi4 are bein held.

Hi I’m Jus and in 2015 I spend “alone” 3 months, 23 days on hunger strike,(which for me was a protest of ecological injustice inflicted on the whole planet by RWE and the State Prison Industrial Complex that sustains them – it is the same form of protest that the 4 seem to be maintaining among many other reasons of responding to repression and injustice by their refusal to provide personal information and identify themselves). This was in JVA Cologne Ossendorf  the same facility where the 4 are presently detained.  Thanks to La Domain  for asking me  to write and not internalize bull shit

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The Four Now Going on A Month in Prison

As Hambi Comrades have now been thrown into a jail for going on a month, not just in record numbers and for charges such as not identifying themselves and obstructing police for which all before were release pending trial.  What they are really guilty of in the eyes of the State is resisting the opening up of the Forest for destruction, yes the one year hold on cutting this season does not mean anything if RWE is able to use the police this year to try to get rid of us and then continue to cut the forest in the next 2018 to 2019 logging season dumping into the atmosphere mega tons of Carbon and other toxins in contained in the lignite that rests under the forest floor.  The Hambi9 and now still the Hambi4 are not just for these infractions that were never before used to hold people in jail for so long and also had their inquest for pretrial hearing on the validity of their detention rejected and not heard. They are there not just for these unprecedented infractions, they are there for protecting the forest, the climate and their homes in the ancient Hambach Forest.  Once again please support them and spread the world of their struggle and imprisonment.

Next week will be a month that they have been incarcerated.
There is presently problems with the Hambach Forest twitter account so any crossposting of this would be very appreciated.  Also if anybody would like to translate or share any statement and solidarity actions for the German side of this blog that would also be great help and support for the cause and attention of and for the Hambi4.

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Call Out for Participants and Presentations for Antispecist Week

If you are part of any initiatives, struggles or groups engaging in fighting and resisting specism come and contribute a report-back, presentation or a workshop from your group at the first Hambi Antispecist Week 19 to 25 of March.  More info at

contact Hambacher Forest Email or just stop by and organize something once in the Forest.

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Solidarity for Hambi and The Four from Zad

This weekend a large scale celebration and mobilization took place in Zad.
Several Thousands formed two marches, one through Zad and the second one through the surrounding villages, both of which joined in the center of Zad.  Large wooden plane was burned while delegates from Chiapas and Basque country spoke and appeal to Zadistas and their supporters.  There were at least eight bands from percussion and jazz to samba, all at least with 12 players with many more joining in.  There was a carnival atmosphere and two large fields were occupied with large stages, victory disco and ringed in at least 20 collective kitchens info tables and kiosks.  For next couple days assemblies took place with delegates from other struggles.

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