Solidarity for Hambi and The Four from Zad

This weekend a large scale celebration and mobilization took place in Zad.
Several Thousands formed two marches, one through Zad and the second one through the surrounding villages, both of which joined in the center of Zad.  Large wooden plane was burned while delegates from Chiapas and Basque country spoke and appeal to Zadistas and their supporters.  There were at least eight bands from percussion and jazz to samba, all at least with 12 players with many more joining in.  There was a carnival atmosphere and two large fields were occupied with large stages, victory disco and ringed in at least 20 collective kitchens info tables and kiosks.  For next couple days assemblies took place with delegates from other struggles.

At the beginning of this week the police in the hundreds continue to protect road building equipment that has been restoring surface on one of the roads leading to the zad.  They are not interacting much with Zadistas as they are able to carry building supplies and wood through the lines of cops to building project that continue despite the presence of the popo.  For all its worth it has been announced by the French state that evictions will not take place in the winter until at least march 31.   All who can are asked to come and support the place that has inspired so many in the radical and ecological movement through out the years.




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