Shit Crazed Bloodsucking Cockroaches

Hambi Prison Story from Nicaragua

Hitchhiking down across Central America to Panama seemed easy with no documents or id.  Turning back and heading  back North previously hidden migration reality quickly became apparent: all the borders crossed from Arizona to Panama City were one directional as far as nobody seeming to care for documents when people were heading from the Rich North to the Poor South.  The global repressive immigration policies were quickly obvious when trying to get back north from the south though.  US and UN has been for decades paying each country and regime in a region a sum for each illegal immigrant captured and detained on their soil, as it is now done by EU in Libya and Turkey, externalizing the issues and preventing people to get even close to their shores and borders allowing them to maintain a narrative that the problem does not exist or is not as large as it is in reality.

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Sunday Trash Clean Up in the Forest

This Sunday a clean up of trash took place in the Forest, a smaller one in preparation for the big one coming up. We focused at the edge of the Forest next to the shoulder of the old A4 which remains covered by massive amount of plastic, bottles, packaging that was thrown and lost from the old autobahn.The secus were being their usual sexist dickhead selves and whistled at us as we cleaned. 

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Hambi4 Update

The Four all seem to be, at least physically fine. Everyone one of them  got visits so far. Number 2 on Thursday was very fine, got lots of letters (except in the first 10 days) and food. Number 1 and 3 on said Tuesday  “it is as it is”. They got lots of letters in the beginning), a little bit less later so please do continue to write.  Good items to include are stamps, cool postcards(filled and blank  copies of articles, art, poetry, paperback books, zines, magazines etc.  Inside of the walls is a rather sterile environment so lets make it a little more viral and warm.

In Solidarity with the Hambi9

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