Warm Welcome on the Outside to 3 Released and call for support of UP2

Many of us would like to extend a warm welcome back to the Forest and the world outside of the walls to 3 of our recently released comrades. YOU WERE AWESOME, THANK YOU!!!

Also even though they are out please remember that effects of incarceration and being imprisoned affect people very often for their whole lives. Please offer them support in adjusting and time afterwards to make sure they are ok. Being on the “inside” can make it is easier to view everything in terms of Us vs Them struggle and to idolise the movement. That is why re-adjustment to the daily realities of the resistance can be hard. Some Soli Pics are posted that the 3 released might not have seen. There also might be a bit of intended by the forces of repression “survivor complex” of “Why was I released and not the UP2?”. Keeping some and releasing others on the same charges is a classic divisive method of repression.
Please then continue to direct support and solidarity to the UP2 who already 2 months ago has been singled out for solitary confinement and remains as the sole prisoner left of the Hambi9. One is too many! Please send letters and continue your support and solidarity.

The release of most of the prisoners follows their detention under even more repressive state of NRW Coal Regime’s tactics and signifies testing new and more repressive methods: Detaining people for unprecedented long periods in record numbers under relatively minor charges. The release of most prisoners could also be because the cops are emptying prisons of Hambi people before they are filled up with even more Hambach Forest and Climate Struggle activists using the same heightened right-wing fossil fools repression bullshit.

This fight continues for the Planet for the Wild and for our collective freedoms and existence!!!

For Solidarity images that came from around the world please check #FreeHambi4

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