Second Day of ZAD under Police Attack

For the second day ZAD NDDL came under police attack this Tuesday.  Beginning at 5am over 2000 of cops with at least two tanks started trying to breach the barricades on the West End of the Zad.  Yet with the whole day of massive amounts of tear gas and flash bangs being used the day was mostly stellmate as cops stood in one place holding people back as the equipment cleared out 4 locations: No Name, Chèvrerie, Port and Tower that were already overrun by the cops on Monday as they finished destroying the structures and taking out the remnants of structures destroyed Monday.

Especially at Chèvrerie, fierce resistance was put up and the police had to constantly maintain the barrage of tear gas to hold people back as the clay straw bailed building was being destroyed.

Large center of resistance to the expulsion was also at Fosses Noires where hundreds held and harassed the cops through out the day. The police ended up being in the ZAD till dusk with concussion grenades and tear gas exploding at the perimeter of the zone until it got dark.

The resistance of the Zadists like many times before is not just attracting international attention and Solidarity but is an inspiration to all anti-capitalists and anti-authoritarians the world over.

For that reason among many a continuous call goes our for physical support and additional resistors to join on the frontline of destruction of one of the most iconic autonomous enclaves in the world. The expulsion will most likely continue until the end of this week if not longer. So join in and travel to the ZAD to help out.  If you do bring as many swimming and construction goggles and masks and respirators as you can.

ZAD Partout!! Hambi Bleibt!! One Struggle One Fight

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