Gazebo Gate: 130 Cops close gastation for 3 hours to intercept 1 treehouse


This years Klima Camp for the 9th year has addressed deepening Climate Crisis with one of its actions being building a solidarity treehouse for Hambacher Forest which this year is facing cutting season about to erase one of the last portions of this millenarian ecosystem.  Protected by 14 forest occupations and

Palestinian and Israeli Youths activists from the “Windows” project

over 36 treehouses as German State forgoes of its Kyoto, Paris Accord and COP23 already bullshit non-binding agreements to phase out of coal and reduce its emmissions by 2020.  Instead Coal Commission dominated by Fossill Fools and a trickle of NGOs and NIMBY representatives is getting ready to call for billions of subsidies to keep the climate murdering RWE lignite(largest emitter of CO2 in Europe) subsidized till as late as 2040-50 as the German state is getting ready for the largest militarized evictions in its history to evict Hambacher Forest occupation blocking this largest open cast lignite mine in Europe.  Oppossing this madness for over 10 years has been a mass growing movement of Climate Justice activists engaging in front-line struggles in Hambi and around other coal  mines and power-plants.  A movement industry and climate chaos protecting state actors are attempting to repress and stigmatize to detract from their responsibility and liability in destroying the life carrying capacity of this planet by continuing their emissions past the point of 2 degree climate warming guaranteed by present continuing emission without the promised by the present coalition “quick” 2020-30 coal exit.

This is why Hambi has become so symbolic of the Climate Justice struggle and why so many activists engaged at this year Klimate Camp in Rhineland in building decorating and transporting the “gazebo”/treehouse heading into the Hambacher Forest to continue and assist with the hard year ahead. With climate criminals being backed by the police heading into the forest to destroy the largest community of forest activists occupying the trees in the world so climate killer RWE can get to over 50 million tones of deadly lignite 300 to 500 meters under the forest floor .  This impending attack calls for mass support, attention and everybody who can heading and supporting the struggle ASAP. A struggle of resistance as it is the future of not just the Planet but of every being, specie and organism on its surface as continual and increasing CO2 emissions signify entering on the path of passing the 2 degree climate warming entering the point of run away climate change and of a future of a super hot planet warming to 3-15 degrees making life as we know it on its surface not possible.  Call goes out to all to stop this madness, it is up to us and nobody else to do so!

Not just failed by elected, and “democratic” representatives but also by the very system they represent.  A resounding and amplified call goes out for System Change and not Climate Change.

A call that has been answered by over 500 supporters today bringing food water and helping pull up a new tree-house after one made with so much love and creativity in the Klimate Camp has been detained for over 3 hours closing a whole gas station which in itself was a good blockade of fossil fool madness. It was surrounded by over 130 cops in 14 vans with over 30 people protecting the treehouse by gathering around it and inside of it.


This is what we are facing:  RWE the biggest single carbon emitter in europe and importer of Colombian Blood Coal, banned by several european power grids, as responsible for over 5000 deaths and over 50,000 displaced.  Killing with its emissions 100s of thousand  and causing over 8 million premature deaths with particulates and millions more due to unfolding catastrophe.  This “upstanding” corporate citizen mobilized this force of hundreds at public cost to prevent a “foreign object from entering the forest” its climate killing and destroying one of the last millenarian forest habitat bulldozers, harvesters and diggers are still ok though.  This is what we are facing and nothing short of mass mobilization, support and solidarity especially with impending Hambacher Forest climate injustice attack will stop this historical dynamic of collapse, extinction and insecurity. This is the call that over a thousand have answered today with Klimate Camp, Hambi and Monthly Forest Walk supporter action by in less than 5 hours after spending such disproportionate resources to confiscate an object of love for the planet, of creativity and one providing a living space for artists, poets and musicians, the cultural creatives that keep being marginalized as eco-terrorist as the Planetary corporate Eco-Terrorists of RWE and other coal, oil and gas companies continue to destroy all life for millennia into the future utilizing law enforcement as their private armies ready to crash all dissent, attempting to criminalize protest itself with new police laws officially responding to rising fundamentalist and right wing terrorism that proportionally increases with the Climate Crisis and its social and political dimension.  Mobilize their orwelian propaganda machines to try to divide and distract all those looking at the unfolding crisis with concern, with industry sponsored articles in the coopted local media such as Aachener Nachrichten and Zeitung and Cologne Stadt-Anzeiger. Both bearing the same responsibility to the next generations as RWE and local police and “justice” systems detaining our comrades such as UPIII for 9 months for protecting the forest and the climate.

With such indifference, apathy “arrogance and ignorance” combined with rising level of state repression and violence Stand up to the Climate Injustice Tyranny, pack your backpack and come to Hambacher Forest as soon as possible, support all local climate eco and social struggles and in case of Hambacher Forest eviction stage solidarity actions in front of RWE/German Embassies, consulates(one and the same as far as their actions and interests are concerned) and make banner actions, yes no matter what you do bring a banner, around Coal Power Power Plants and other coal infrastructure.  The evictions will last quite awhile as well so no matter where you are you should have enough time to get here and support and help re-occupy.

For the Hambi for the Climate for the Earth!!

New replacement tree-house being pulled up the tree with the help of some of the 500 supporters that came for the monthly Sunday walk in Hambacher Forest and of course completed with the many hands that got bussy not even 6 hours later after the treehouse was blocked,surrounded, and detained to make sure that the action that was dangerous enough to mobilize over 130 cops continued and was successfull.


Hambi Bleibt!! Hambi Stays!! It  stays in countless hearts and minds and in numerous struggles it has helped inspire and will continue to do so for quite awhile after we are all gone!


Hambacher Forest Skillshare Camp Septemeber 22-30

Cutting Season October – February: People especially needed during this time to help defend the forest and help reocupy after evictions.

Ende Geleande Mass Actions against cutting of Hambi and against RWE coal October 25-29.


Until this struggle is won nobody’s garden gazebo will be safe, it will not be safe from hundreds of cops and  from hurricane like global firestorms onset of which we have seen this year. Firestorms which RWE and other Fossil Fool companies and all their mindless and greedy servants continue to feed with their lies of unlimited growth, energy security blah, blah, blah while destroying the only planet in the Universe known to harbor life.  Just as the creativity, solidarity that pisses them off so much continues is feeding and supporting the resistance that is now our only hope of a livable planet that we have known in the past .


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  1. Peter

    Maybe an eviction is imminent, maybe not. I have no idea.

    Either way I would like to say thank you for writing so many excellent articles here, which I’ve been reading for more than one year now.
    For my liking you could have used a few more periods/full stops, but you are very good observers and the articles are profound and very well structured (maybe just because that’s the way you are thinking and without planning it so much) and therefore very well to understand.
    I have great respect that you’ve always written so relentlessly. I’m sure it must often have felt like being a lone voice in the desert or tilting at windmills. But you’ve always managed it to write the articles from different angels with many different aspects. I’ve always liked it when I saw that an article was long.

    You couldn’t have done better. There is no better initiative and you don’t need any statistics or things like counting animals for your argumentation.
    I always thought I was open-minded, but it turned out that you opened my eyes in many respects.

    So stay positive and self-confident. You have reasons for that.

    I’m sure that the day an eviction or cutting would occur and all your efforts would seem to have been in vain (at that moment) would be the saddest day of my life since I’m a grown up.
    But either if Hambi can be saved or not. It’s more important to tackle the underlying problems which will further exist, e.g. the in no way up to date environmental laws especially for the protection of species and an almost complete disregard of external effects and costs. So saving Hambi would be an extremely important, but nevertheless only small step in the right direction.
    I think there will be no transition step by step away from the turbo-capitalistic system. Maybe there will be a war or a crash (perhaps of the internet) so that nobody has access to their accounts and money.

    The Hambach Forest conflict is really hard to the mind. There is so much unreason and so less collaboration. There are so many initiatives, but when there are actions like cleaning up the forest or supporting UPIII on her trial then you see barely anybody.
    I’m sure that Hambi still can be saved because there are (if only) a few people everywhere whose maxim is to act reasonable and responsible and who don’t always go the easiest way.
    It wouldn’t matter if we speak of politicians, police officers, judges, RWE managers.

    I have completely lost my trust in our state system, and anyone who tells you the Third Reich could not happen similar again is talking bullshit.
    The day I realized it the most has been when Samantha was sentenced to 9 months in prison without clear evidence and almost completely secluded from the public just because nobody likes to go through police lines and doesn’t want his id getting copied.

    I don’t give up my hope that my faith could be restored and Samantha will be spoken not guilty and cities and municipalities will be no longer allowed to own just a single share of any company.

  2. Flossie

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