Beyond coal

During this last time, the mediatic attention to the Hambacher Forst occupation has massively increased. We’ve been appearing on news all over the world, but there is some important detail that casually most part of the media seems to forget, so we are gonna have to make it clear (again): the problem is much larger than this forest getting cut and this coal mine being active. The problem is larger than every forest getting cut and every mine destroying Earth. The problem is capitalism. And this is the message that the media has been taking away from us.

You can live a cute easy life, sign petitions, buy stuff on the biomarket, close the sink while you are brushing your teeth and turn off all lights to don’t waste electricity, and, don’t get us wrong, that’s okay, but as long as we live on a system that needs infinite growth on a world that has limited resources, that’s not gonna stop enviromental destruction.

We need an anticapitalist view of ecologism.
We need an ecologist view of anticapitalism.
We need to see beyond coal.
And we need you all to make an step farther to stop climate change, to make an step farther to destroy capitalism.

If it’s not you, who?
If it’s not now, when?

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  1. Catherine Bower

    How can people help your cause?
    I’m an American & just heard of your story. This is appalling-/ I played in that forest when I was 14 visiting Aachen.
    Please let others know how to help— even if it is just an internet petition… show of world support. This business must be stopped.

  2. Tim

    I want to express my sincere admiration for the perseverance of activists and to say that many people out there share your values and support your fight. Coal should become the past now!
    Hambi bleibt.

  3. anabela Lemos

    My sincere admiration and solidarity to you all
    No to coal, yes to the Hambacher Forest

    JA! Justica Ambiental/FOEMozambique

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