Day of Actions in Solidarity with NoTAP! Activists in Italy

The  Struggle against the Trans Adriatic Pipeline which is scheduled to deliver gas from Trans-Caucasus through Turkey to a Southern Italy has been facing a wave  of militarized repression begining this Monday.  Massive police actions took place in Solente and the town of Meledugno, where the terminal of the pipeline is scheduled, has been declared a militariewd “Red Zone” and put under lockdown with roadblocks and barricades and activists detained for hours.  In response a day of actions in solidarity with the NoTAP! Struggle has been called for today with numerous actions taking place across the world including a disruption of the beginning of Corporate World Climate Summit at COP in Bonn with over 20 activists standing up on chairs and in unison expressing solidarity and calling for no new gas and no new fossil fuels.  The disruptors were later kettled at a U-Bahn Station controlled and their banners taken away as well as informed not to post any photos of the cops involved.  This is an extension of image control at COP where all are welcomed to engage in climate relate business opportunities and where repression and militarization is not talked about as the Climate Conference Areas are for the first time closed off to the public, preventing dissent, debate and participation……as the Planet burns and countless communities like those in Solente are under constant attack

In Solidarity with all resisting Dirty Energy and Disaster Capitalism!



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