Thank You!!!!!

This cutting season the people in the Forest were no longer forced to stay up in the treehouses listening to chainsaws and the dying sound of falling and crashing trees while riot cops, bulldozers and armored personel carriers controlled the ground. And as the courtcase and the appeal were going through, while once again the trees were falling in the forest, it was the incredible coalition of feminist, animal-rights, queer anarchist, autonomous, anti-autoritharian,  grass-roots activists and individuals that came together to resist the cutting of the ancient Hambacher Forest and put their bodies in front of riot shields and chemical weapons.   Hundreds of others came together in community support meetings all around the region and yet others joined in with info and banner actions.

THANKS!!!! to all of you this foto is dedicated….

Due to power and effectiveness of coalition actions ,that have become synonymous with Climate Camp, Ende Galende and now Hambacher Forest much effort and resources continue to be spent to deligitimize and divide.  The ultimate reminder on the necessity of the continuation of this struggle and staying active.   See You All in the Forest!

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