Ticker Barricade Eviction 12/20

NON-Deforesting Season 2017, Live Ticker


15:00 pm Habeas corpus hearing before the magistrate in Kerpen

11:00 am Now only one person is waiting for the detention exam date. All others are free and picked up.

8:30 am 4 people leave custody.


Six of twelve people in front of the Gesa were arrested today, tomorrow two of them will be put before the magistrate with the two from the tripod. Allegedly, the other four will be released at half past seven.

11:05 am The persons who were on the tripod, were brought to Aachen for personal identification. GeSa support is on site in sufficient numbers. (GeSa means Gefangenen-Sammelstelle, which is the place where detained people on such occasions are brought to. )

9:40 am The second person is evicted.

9:20 am One of two people is evicted from the tripod.

9:15 am The first barricades are cleared.

9:10 am A lifting platform is near the tripod on which two people are sitting. There are some officers on the ground.
Pictures here: https://twitter.com/Oaktown1312

9:00 am Police standing around in several small groups near the occupied former motorway approach road.

8:45 am Police have arrived to clear the Secu Road.

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