Call to Document Hambi’s Biodiversity

Call to Action for grass-roots idependent assesment of biodiversity of Hambacher Forest.

RWE’s decission not to cut the Millenarian Hambacher Forest resulted in preventing the case from going to arbitration and having the forest be considered to be an area of exceptional biodiversity and protection under Natura2000 which would prevent it legally from being cut at all. The present outcome only “saves” the forest for next 9 month giving time for “political” solution which in the presently changing to the right political climate(largely as the only oportunistic response to social and ecological degradation) could signify large scale repressive actions before the next cutting season to remove the forest occupations and the Meadow Camp which for over the last 5 years have been resisting the ecological and climate destruction taking place in Hambi making the resumption of cutting next year easier for RWE.
The last remaining portion of Hamacher Forest remains in the meantime and for still limited and uncertain time one of the last continously surviving for the last 12000 years forests in europe harboring a truly unique biodiversity. The next 9 months could be the last chance to document the disapearing uniqueness of insect,plant and animal life inhabiting the forest. No scientific or professional certification but only interest, energy and action is necessary. To take part all you need to do is select and study a book listing the species you are interested in from lichens and mushrooms to birds, etc in gather the necessary tools such as binoculars or magnifying lenses and log your finds in a notebook including location, time, specie involved and include photos with in case of plant and insects with a phone or gps receiver shown in the photo displaying the coordinates of the find. All the collected material especially endangered organisms on the red list are very important parts of the struggle to preserve and defend the forest through direct-action(in this case getting closer and getting to know and documenting what we are defending) and through legal-wrenching methods deployed by the BUND-NRW.

This sunday we will look at the ornithological biodiversity of the forest so bring a pair of binoculars. Please soncintact Hambi email hambacherforst at with the subject Hambi Naturalists if you are interested and also spread the word of the projects to amateur and semi-profesional groups with focus on biodiversity as well as biology departments at universities. If you try unis in the region prepare to be disapointed as many have been coopted by RWE into silence and inaction on the subject through RWE doations and “green-washing” project ultimately reminding and mobilizing those among us who know that corporate and government conservation equals acceptance of bulldozers and chainsaws as instruments of “bio-preservation”
We do not need to be saved from ourselves by future waves of repression the same way last natural outposts of exceptional biodiversity like Hambacher Forest do no need saving for 9 months so chainsaws can start as soon as some “political”/corporate solution/loophole is found. The decision for action and to experience and learn, share and documet this biodiversity could be the last and it is once again up to all of us.

Hambi Naturalists
hambacherforst at

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