Back Home from Hambi, what now? Places and Initiatives that need support

Note: This list is incomplete and may be added. It is designed to help you continue to be active at home and to show that there are places, open spaces and protests that need support everywhere. Not everything yet translated



Trebur, near Frankfurt, forest occupation against motorway exit to the airport,

Pödelwitz near Leipzig, near coal mine, village has to give way to lignite mining

Do not forget your local climate group, or found one!

Let’s organize

Overview of open spaces threatened by eviction in Germany Freiträume Blackblogs


Bure Anti Atom toilet occupation
ZAD Notre Dame des Landes

ADM, Amsterdam (30 years old occupied port area, has to be cleared)
Bajesdorp, Amsterdam (Occupied cultural place, has to be cleared)

Białowieża Primeval forest is being cut down, small groups organize,

ROG House project in Ljubljana

Portugal: Anti-Fracking Protests:

Greece: Lesvos Λέσβος Refugee camps need support (rather inform beforehand, do not just go there!)


Czech Republic
Klinika house project Prague

“Prati di Caprara” – An urban forest on occupied ex-military land in Bologna must be defended.

Networks – Initiatives …


(Anonymous Collektive)
auf jeden Donnerstag 19.00 mit Leuten in Kontakt kommen um Aktionen online zu planen, Sammlung von Aktionsideen unter der Woche.


Nov.5th, 2018 Millions of Masks March – Munich (Anonymous)
Nov.12th, 2018 Extinction Rebellion – London
Extinction Rebellion- mass blockades of London and other cities, 2 weeks, starts November 12th, 2018

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