Bat rescue action

Oct 11th, 2018

Bat rescue action
The Hambach Forest is a biodiverse area containing many rare animal and plant species, including the dormouse and the Bechstein’s bat. This unique biotope is being destroyed by the coal mining activities of the company RWE in North Rhine Westphalia. Environmental activists of BUND and NABU and many independent nature preservationists are fighting to protect the forest and its species.

On the 6 October, 50,000 people joined a protest in the Hambach Forest. One of the main reasons for the outrage was that RWE, in addition to forcibly relocating the bats, is intentional destroying their nesting places with stapled plastic pieces and tape. This means that the bats are disturbed during their nesting season, which typically takes place every autumn, and are driven out of the area or even locked up.

Activists in the forest created a courageous bat rescue team, which took every step possible to protect the Bechstein’s bats from starvation and death.

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  1. Laura

    Thank you for this, huge respect to the people acting now to set things right!! Too often mainstream media outlets scoff at these kind of accusations as ‘left wing nonsense’. Photographs help to support the accusation. I wish I was there with you all, the fight, spirit and amazing community that has evolved from the fight for Hambech Forest is truly inspiring! Sad to say that I have my own fight going on, against fracking. Today I learnt that the Frack free four in Engand, where I reside, have had their sentences quashed and have been released with immediate effect.No surprise that the initial judge has links to the coal and gas industry, mainly Cuadrilla evidently. Keep fighting Sisters and Brothers. Gaia’s hard to quash! Humans are Gaia. Humans+Gaia+Fighting Spirit is a force to be reckoned with! Keep your heads up and looking at the skies. Peace to you all and you are all in my thoughts X

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