Kurt Claßen Meadow situation: #ClimateJustice vs Fascist Era Expriopriation Laws

Comment by an activist

The meadow camp, which has served as a protest and resistance camp and important meeting place for activists since the beginning of the forest occupation, is now to be cleared. Kurt Claßen, owner of the property at the edge of the forest and comrade-in-arms in the fight to preserve the Hambach Forest, filed with the help of his lawyer an appeal against the eviction order by the Arnsberg district government of the compulsory expropriation, planned by RWE, which will delay the trial for the time being. In a statement by Kurt Classen on the illegality of the order of the building authority, represented by the state government, he writes that the threatened eviction order would serve to deprive the activists of the infrastructure for meetings. This violates the fundamental right to freedom of assembly and deprives the inhabitants of the meadow of their habitat, who fight there peacefully for the preservation of the forest. The resistance camp, with its clay buildings, wooden huts and structures, is the only original built-up area left after the clearing of the forest and, above all, an essential intermediate pole for the forest inhabitants.

In order for the struggle for the preservation of the forest and the coal exit to continue, countless procedures are currently underway, all of which are being carried out on Kurt Claßen’s back. Besides the meadow camp it is also about the immediate stop of the Hambach open pit mining, as well as the avoidance of a following water desert, which would have a fatal effect. Claßen’s demand addresses itself thereby to the federal state government, which possesses also before the actual expiration 2020, the possibility of taking back the permission of the opencast mine on basis of the administrative constitution law, but they make no effort to use it. The court costs in the first instance alone therefore amount to approximately 20,000 to 25,000 euros, further foreseeable lawsuits will probably be even more expensive. In order to be able to bear the enormous costs together and to save the forest and the meadow camp, donations are welcome and urgently needed.

Account holder: Kurt Claßen
Intended use: preservation of the meadow and the Hambach forest
Bank details: Kreissparkasse Köln
IBAN: DE22 3705 0299 1147 0393 73

Comment by an activist

Nowhere is the present state of Disaster Permament State of Emergency Coal Hunta Climate Chaos regime more apparent than in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, post Coal Commissions charade of postponement and withdraw from Kyoto and Paris Accord. Conferences of Polluters global ecological and social disaster zones of toxic lignite extractionism while fascist era imminent domain laws that in the name of the people collapse the global climate for all the life on the planet. The largest EU CO2 emitter attacks the Planet. Only through mass support has there been put a temporary legalistic hold on cutting took place while imminent domain expropriation of forest, farms towns and archeological site while with the grandest extiction of life the Earth is becoming the later. The Global Survival depends not just on the forests and meadows but on every bioregion being defended and protected. Defended and protected through sensible degrowth and the most developed renewable energy alternatives. Which would not only not cause global climate chaos but also not result in the largest wave of brutalized evictions since the Frankfurt Airport and Anti Castor struggles. Resistance to Global Climate Disaster Capitalis Continues!!!

Hambi Bleibt!!!

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