INNOGY/RWE Marathon in Essen, 10/14/2018

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Innogy/RWE Marathon at Baldeneysee in Essen, this Sunday 10/14/2018
On the 14th of October, the very day on which the clearing work in the Hambach Forest was to begin, RWE organizes “Innogy Marathon” on behalf of its subsidiary Innogy on Lake Baldeney. A 17.2 km long route leads around the waters in Essen, the city in which RWE has its headquarters. Around the lake grows a beautiful open forest. Therefore, we decided after several weeks of intensive training in the Im-Wald-und-Wiese-in-Kreis-Laufens in this marathon with several groups in different disciplines to register.
We have come up with funny actions in and around the marathon to undermine this advertising and sportsmanship of the Innogy / RWE climate gangsters.
Each athlete participating in this event should be aware, especially after the media coverage, that they are becoming an ongoing ad space for Innogy / RWE. We as road, club and car athletes understand the entanglement and sometimes also the necessity of sponsoring in mass sports. But not at any price.
Therefore, we will consistently try to ridicule the inside and outside of the marathon, to further clarify the machinations of RWE and to further pollute the reputation of the brand Innogy / RWE directly and through the media coverage.
Join us! Maybe sign up too! Comes to the beautiful Baldeneysee between 10:00 and 15:30 on the 14th of October! We would be particularly pleased about more motivated fan clubs and running friends who are waiting on the wayside.
Bus/tram stops and access to the track: Essen-Werden S and also Essen-Hügel S
Autonome Gruppen und Antifa e.V. Ruhrgebiet
#boykottRWE #exitcoal

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