In the summer of 2013 a bike caravan will visit, connect and strengthen different energy struggles in Germany. From the east, people are coming by bike. From the south, they are are hitching. Our goal: The climate camp near Cologne. We are looking for fellow activists!
Forest occupations, train blockades, new groups against Fracking and CCS, protests against coal imports in Hamburg: The climate movement has got going! In the summer we will speed things up: We are going to connect hot spots of energy struggles with a great bike tour and a hitchhiking tour. Both will end at the Climate Camp in Rhineland (23/08 – 01/09 2013). After this, there will be a Reclaim the Fields Camp (28/08 – 05/09 -2013) and four days of actions (28/08 – 01/09/2013).
Join us!

+++ Our energy turn takes a different bearing! +++

Suddenly, everybody wants an energy transition. No matter if RWE, Vattenfall, the German Government or conservative newspapers. We, too, want an energy transition: but a different one! Energy giants are dreaming of an endless expansion of fossil transition technologies to secure their profits. Yet for us, a real energy transformation means: an immediate phase-out from coal and nuclear power. It means small-scale, social and ecological energy projects based on the interest of local comminites.
Green capitalism will not help us to limit the catastrophic impacts of climate change. The only solution is to leave behind an absurd system that has to keep growing and growing. The ecological crisis is economic growth. And poverty is not necessarily a consequence of economic crisis but a normal condition in a system that is based on exploitation. In the whole world, people are fighting against this injustice, and grass-root movements are joining forces. It is possible to create a world beyond capitalism where everybody leads a Good Life!
Each action defies resignation! RECLAIM POWER!

++ Reclaim Power Tour +++

The success of the tour also depends on how much people from different backgrounds get involved:
● Take part in organizing the tour!
● Organize a stop of point and even an action in which many people can join!
● Put actions and events you already planned into the context of the Reclaim Power Tour!
● Just cycle with us!
● Mail to and tell us about your issues – we get in touch!

You can find all stops of the tour so far planned on this map: . We are happy to put your local energy struggle on this map and link them to our website.
For the main route of the bike tour, the following stops are planned so far: Climate Camp Lausitz, Berlin (Energy Table, A100, Refugee Camp), Lüchow/ Wendland (Nuclear Power, Fracking), Osnabrück (Fracking), Düsseldorf (Rheinmetall)

For the hitchhiking tour, the following stops and issues are being discussed: Freiburg (nuclear power), Frankfurt (Financing, Airport), Stuttgart (S21)
The suggested routes reflect the present state of planning. What the Reclaim Power Tour eventually looks like depends on where and how you get involved. If you are leading energy struggles which are not along the route, you are most welcome to organize ‘feed in-tours’ that will join the main route.

Network Energy Struggles Moving On
The network Energy Struggles Moving On (EKIB) got together in January 2012 in order to connect different energy struggles more closely. By organizing the Reclaim Power Tour we want to offer resistance to the energy giants, also beyond the time of the tour. Moreover, we want to put forward the concept of a corporation-less, decentralized, ecological and democratic energy supply. More information on: und

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