„Bomb disposal” in the Hambach Forest – Ticker

This morning, a group of about 10 secus and at least 50 cops invaded the forest area which is controlled by us. They hang about now near the Pizza platform, and destroyed there on the way a tripod, which was not occupied today. In addition, they cleared barricades and took pictures.


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7:00 pm The arrested person is free again. For us, the day is over for the time. But stay alert, we fear more attacks in the coming days. Check the blog or subscribe to our Twitter account for updates: https://twitter.com/HambiBleibt

5:50 pm Apparently, after all only one person was arrested – it is not yet known to which police station they was taken.

5:00 pm The police says that the inspected possibly explosive device was a dummy.

4:40 pm According to an eyewitness, the arrest concerned 2-3 individuals who were brought to the ground by brute force.

4:35 pm Near the railway station of Buir there was apparently an arrest of a person who was on their way to the occupation. Further details are not known yet.

3:40 pm The police announces the arrival of a demolition squad and hundred normal cops for securing purposes, to remove an explosive object. It’s still unclear what this exactly is.

3:05 pm Several police vehicles with flashing lights are on the way to the forest entrance near the access to the ancient motorway A4.

2:40 pm The police moves along the forest paths – remain in groups and keep an eye on each other!

1:55 pm We just received a call from a supporter who had made with her cell phone photos of the actions of the police. Because she did not comply with the unlawful request to omit the shots, her cell phone was taken away by twisting of her hand. Now a complaint of resistance against the authority of the state has been made against the supporter. When she called at the police station to report the incident, the police officer said on the phone “What should I do for you now?” And just hung up. We condemn this kind of action against supporters.

1:50 pm The cops carry out work on a barricade. Meanwhile, the securities are largely withdrawn.

1:45 pm Police said to the film crew that the reason for their operation was a fake bomb or a dud, which securities have allegedly found earlier in the morning. Currently the situation is static.

1:15 pm A film crew, which had a shooting date for today is currently near the “Pizza-platform” to film the events. Currently everything looks like a “normal” barricade eviction, the police secures the way. Let’s wait and see what happens…

12:50 A guided tour for 20 children and adults is held, who admire the forest and the occupations in a good mood, despite the police presence.

11:44 am At the moment, several vans of the cops arrive in the forest with reinforcing. We do not know whether this is the beginning of the by us presumed January offensive of RWE, or only a groping. Please come to the forest, as fast as you can!

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