Update: Police searched the meadow Camp.

The Meadow Camp was searched by the police. 2-3 Units of Riot Police surrounded the Meadow. A lot of the Police is also on the meadow. The official Reason for the search: They search for granates, armour material or something related.
The Executive Chief of the Police was at the beginning not available for the protesters. Independet Observers from Düren are at the spot. Also Kriminal Police and Riot Units from Cologne and Aachen.

Around 18:30 Three Units of Riot Police from Cologne surrounded the Meadow at the Hambacher Forest. Under this Circumstances around 30 Police Officers from the Criminal Police all tents, cars and huts on the meadow. Some Things were confiscated and 2 People got arrested. One of them was searched by the Police. The other one was taken for clear the identity.
Around 20:30 the search was finished and the police left the space.

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