Call for solidarity

The Hambach forest and the people there need your help!
There are still 14 (!) persons in custody in the police stations in Jülich, Aachen and Düren.
Five of them are seemingly going to be summonded to a custodial judge. That means that police wants to arrest them for a longer time.
It seems that they want to force some people to give their DNA as well.

What you can do to support the Hambach forest:
come around, support directly the people in the forest and on the meadow (a nice face can give a lot of power!)
go to the police stations in which people are hold under arrest – ask, put pressure, nobody is going to be forgotten! (it would be best if you call the meadow phone [0157 – 54 136 100] for coordination and to know where people are needed, how the food and water supply is working, if more people want to go there and so on)
call the police stations, ask for the arrested people, put pressure and claim to release them
show solidarity wherever you are – for example via e-mails, banner actions (best with foto to or whatever
spread information – tell your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues,…, spread flyers, send mails or whatever which form of information you can imagine
be creative!

The contacts of the police stations are following:

    police station Düren

August-Klotz-Str. 36
52349 Düren
Tel.: 02421-949-61-12
Fax: 02421-949-61-99
press contact:
Tel: 02421-949-11-00
Fax: 02421-949-11-99

    police station Jülich

Neusser Straße 11
52428 Jülich
Tel: 02461-627-6212
Fax: 02461-627-6299

    police station Aachen

Hubert-Wienen-Str. 25
52070 Aachen
Tel: 0241-9577-0
Fax: 0241-9577-20555
press contact:
Tel: 0241-9577-212-11
Fax: 0241-9577-212-05

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