harvester squatted,new forest occupation

100 meters distant from a new tree occupation in the cutting area of RWE a harvester has been squatted to block the ongoing fellings. Both occupations are part of the campaign “hands off the trees!” (german: “Kein Baum fällt“), that continues unabatedly in the light of last week’s repression.
We defend the forest against your violence!

Since Thursday one imprisoned comrade is awaiting trial in Aachen. Please contact us to express your solidarity via post mail.


14:00 Uhr – RWE personel starts cuttings near a tree, that has been occupied four days ago.
15:00 Uhr – Activists express the imminent danger of people in the trees.
15:30 Uhr – A harvester is blocked by four persons.
16:00 Uhr – Private security guards retreat from the tree occupation to gather at the squatted vehicle. They are armed with iron tonfas as usual.
16:30 Uhr – police approaches forest with several patrol cars.
17:10 Uhr – 2 persons leave the harvester, 2 stay on top. Around 30 RWE security guards mob around them. Still no police (though they entered the forest half an hour ago)
17:15 Uhr – the RWE mob attacks people in the forest with sticks to capture them – so far without success. No police in range. 2 activists on the machine stay surrounded by up to 30 guards and workers.
17:50 Uhr – activists block vehicle access to the forest at two bridges.
18:00 Uhr – 2 persons on the harvester were picked from a lifting platform. They have been arrested and are at the police station Düren, now!
20:30 Uhr – 2 persons were released from custody and have been welcomed with tea and vegan cake.
21:00 Uhr – the main entrance to the forest is blocked while private security personel enjoys entertainment from fireworks. In exchange the camp is illuminated with spotlights by the guards.

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