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Press contact: 017656835003

News ticker:

13:20 pm – All in prisioners activists out

10:20 AM – 30 Cops arrive at the blockade. They try to steal the contaktphone.
There is no contact anymore to the first blockade. We assume that one is evicted

10:00 AM – And again. Another group of activist starts a lock-on blockade close to Buir.

9:50 AM – Police tries to evict the Tripod. The other activists were arrested.

9:30 AM – 30 Cops are at the blockade

7:30 AM – About 8 more police cars arrive.

7:00 AM – The sun rises slowly, and a Security Guard remains in the distance. Some policemen/women are standing at the blockade.

6:30 AM – Police arrive with more security guards. A person is sitting on a 3-legged tripod structure and another person is sitting on the train tracks, around the tripod.

6:00 AM – An RWE security guard arrives with dogs and flood lights.

5:30 AM – Several people are on the tracks of the Hambach coal train. The blockade point is between the coal storage silo (?) and Buir.

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