Tree Occupation “Neuland” – Replacement, Escalation, Chaos

We have just received the following explosive information:
In spite of massive surveillance, the “tree sitter” who has been fenced in by security guards since 4 days, has now been successfully replaced, by another activist!
The tree occupation “Neuland” at the edge of the open cast mine Hambach continues!

The not so good news:
During this operation, a person was injured by the RWE Security service (Kötter) and arrested. There were several arrests, how many exactly is not yet known. The person who was on the tree, managed to climb down and is safely back on the ground, without arrest. However, the “tree-sitter” is still (as many others) in the forest – and more police have arrived at the scene and are moving forward with increased brutality.

Latest Update:
All detainees have been released! Just now, the last person who was detained in Düren has been set free. The cells in the Düren police station were doubly occupied.
Looks like the day has finally come to an end.
Congratulations on the successful replacement!

The Vigil, which was set up at the fence surrounding the “Neuland” tree occupation, in Solidarity for the Hambach Forest Occupation, promoting an immediate termination of the forest clearance as well as the escalation of violence and human rights violations by the security guards, has now been completely kettled in by the police.
The kettled supporters at the vigil, who are mainly local residents and members of citizens’ initiatives from the region, have reported about the rough police treatment they have been experiencing.

The supporters in the kettle are now being arrested – at least it seems that way. The first of the citizens are being dragged away by the police.

Here is more information about how the “tree-sitter” swap took place:
A larger group of people (25-30 people), holding banners, walked slowly towards the fence and managed to open it.
At that point, around 6-8 security guards armed with sticks, were approaching the group who repeatedly informed the guards that they are peaceful supporters of the occupation and oppose violence.
In some cases, the guards were overreacting by pushing and threatening the people but in general, not much could be undertaken against the group.
Then a rope was lowered and a person proceeded to climb up. At first the security personnel were still trying to pull the person down again, but the guards could successfully be pushed back. There was still enough time for the other person to climb down and even pull a full bag of provision up to the tree-sit.
Shortly afterwards the police arrived and kettled all the people who were unable to get away quickly enough.

The first person has been released from police custody – at least 10 people have been arrested but at the moment, we are neither sure about the exact amount of people, nor in which police stations (except Düren) they are being detained. The cells in Düren are full, up to now, however, we could not find out where the remaining detainees are being held.

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