Support the environmental movement. Meadow under legal pressure

We at the Hambacher Forest have been resisting enviromental destruction by the largest coal mine in Western Europe for the last three years experiencing 3 major evictions and numerous police and security actions. Now we are facing a new peril. Our support camp with its vegan kitchen, theater, infoshop and 2 libraries, numerous living and guest spaces is facing legal proceedings in Aachen on the 21st of May with a demonstration of support on May 16th in Cologne.
The Meadow Support Camp has become a canvas for building with strawbail, green roofs, renewable energy and biodynamic farming. It is also a home to many activists including two families with children. Suppoting at the same time two forest occupations, direct action campaigs and public events.
We would like to call for international solidarity and support in the form of legal assistance in Germany as well as internationally. Please contact the court involved:

Demonstration on the 16th of May
Against coal mining in rheine area
Cologne / Ehrenfeld 14 o’clock

Prozess on the 21st of May
Achen Administrative Court
Adalbertsteinweg 92
im Justizzentrum
52070 Aachen
fax 0241 9425 83204
tel 0241 9425 0

This is the court that will be attempting to use building code regulations to destroy structures in the Meadow Support Camp. It is the same regulations that are regularly used against earthship, straw bail and other informal architecture and spaces in favor of resource extraction rich(wasteful and destructive) habitats and interests.

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