CALLOUT to Pyhäjoki / Finland

A callout by our friends in Finland to fly by at their camp against a newly built nuclear power plant in Pyhäjoki.

CALLOUT: July approaches, the eviction threat grows – get yourself to Hanhikivi post-haste!

Fennovoima-Rosatom’s nuclear power project is now at a critical point.
Fennovoima is supposed to hand over the keys – symbolical and concretical – to Rosatom on the 1st of July. However, Rosatom wants – as agreed – the area without troublesome extra attachments.

Requirements for a police-assisted eviction are however not quite ready yet. The people still holding on to their lands and cottages in the area have been sent a message by Fennovoima, in which is demanded that the last missing cottage-keys be surrendered to the company at the latest on Friday 26th of June. If this does not happen, the issue will proceed to the Distraint Authorities [the authority managing forced collection of debts, taxes, etc.] according to Fennovoima. After that we’ll have to see how and with what kind of schedule the Distraint and police authorities sort out the practicalities and the connecting of their respective official powers.

Now is thus the eleventh hour to grab your tents and head towards Hanhikivi! We welcome everyone to the politically hottest beach of this year! As the eviction threat grows for each day as the end of the month approaches, it’s of highest importance to make sure that Hanhikivi cape bustles with all sorts of folks.

The protest camp run by Hyökyaalto network offers infrastructure and accomodation, but the cape is much larger than the camp. There’s forest, shoreline, abandoned cottages and a skyful of possibilities for the most diverse activities, just as in the tourism advertisements. No matter if you’re an old scarred veteran of environmental activism, or a curious first-timer, you’re the most welcome! Denouncing the NPP project’s inviability and criticizing the project in practice is everyone’s right.

For those who for some reason can’t make it to the location, remember that there’s also a demonstration in Helsinki on the 30th of June.

A hint for those following GPS map directions: contact the camp for more detailed route instructions! Apparently both “Hanhikivi” and “Hanhikivenniemi” have in Google’s map service mysteriously moved to Helsinki.

The camp’s email and phone:
fenstop AT riseup . net
+358 46 628 6768

The callout online

How to get there

We are still here – the protest camp stays, Fennovoima fails!

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