Addendum to the blockade of the Hambach railway on Oct. 24th 2015

Reported are sexist attacks on the part of security guards. An activist in the Lock-On was illuminated with a flash-light while the secu conveyed his rape fantasies in detail. Apparently, one secu also boasted that he was the one who broke our compa’s nose on Thursday. We wonder whether RWE orders sexist attacks by its employees (which after all are also the employees of subcontractors), whether they promote them consciously, or whether this happens without their knowledge (then it should be known by now). In that case, an internal investigation would certainly be appropriate, together with an indication that something like this just is not on. The question is also why real grievous bodily harm by the part of the secus again stay unpunished, while the abused persons sit in jail.
From the police station is reported that the female activist had to completely undress, although (because?) male socialized police officers were still present. Also that should not work that way.
Freedom to the prisoners!

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