50,000 Celebrate Stopping of Cutting While Forest Reocuppied and diggers blocked

The demonstration that was banned by the police attracted over 50,000 people celebrating the second year in a row when cutting has been legally blocked by Bund (German Friends of the Earth) court case as well by thousands of activists turning up to defend the forest and resist RWE opencast mining.

With the cops now again below the 3000 in the forest and with activists determined to reoccupy after so many tree-house have been destroyed, thousands walked into the forest and re-liberated 5 locations from RWE’s climate killing grasp, building new tree houses and platforms and took part in an Ende Geleande action walking to the very edge of the mine and blocking a 15-story tall coal digger through out the day and into the late night hours. Roads through out the forest have been re-barricaded again, often with whole platoons of cops standing by, who seem not to interfere, until their numbers are at least twice or three times greater than the unarmed* activists. (*armed however with the desire for a world in which ecosystems, communities and climate is not collapsed in the name of profit & exploitation)

This demo, unprecedented in the size of the crowd, was organized together with NGOs such a Campact, B.U.N.D., Greenpeace and Buirer für Buir. It brought international attention, also giving voice to the representatives of the Hambi struggle. And it was a reminder of the the diversity of the struggle with over 12 tractors, decorated with anti coal-mining and anti RWE slogans, banners and installations joining the celebrations.

The farmers also were welcomed on stage and communicated numerous coal related issues such as massive crop failure, disappearance of ground water and destruction of last forest habitats needed for stabilization of local and global ecosystems. The diversity of the struggle was also visible at every step with costumes, theatrical and musical performances celebrating the recent victory.

This is just another beginning, one that signifies an end of the struggle still not being in sight as this is only a postponement of the of cutting of the Hambi and of the so long promised Coal Exit. Expropriation of land and RWE coal emissions continue unstopped, coming even closer to #HambiBleibt struggle with forced expropriation of the meadow support camp moving forward with a call for decision whether occupants will stay and face eviction or will leave voluntarily having to be made by October 10. Until then and long after many in the forest intend to continue the struggle by continuing to protect and defend precious Hambach Forest and local communities from RWE Extreme Energy Lignite. Blocking its greedy and destructive agenda with new platforms and treehouses such as those below from Green Frieda:

To the thousands who were in the forest and on its edge today and who might be reading this: Please keep in mind that the Forest can only be saved if this engagement continues and the supporters continue to stream into the forest, organize local and global actions and fight for Climate Justice in and for Hambi and around and for the Planet..

Hambi Bleibt!!

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  1. Linda Unger

    the demonstration was not banned. it had been at first, but then one or two days before, the ban was lifted. the police was able to be there for protection (of people this time, fortunately) only because it was a legal demonstration.

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