Climate change? Do it yourself: stop coal power!

Loading crane for lignite shipment blocked / Solidarity with the coal resistance in the Lausitz region, in the Rhineland and anywhere in the world / real climate comes from below!
A group of environmental activists, some of Robinwood, blocked on Friday 11/27 for six hours a sophisticated “Stirnkipp facility” in the harbor of Königs-Wusterhausen. Two of the activists rappelled down in the tilting area of the installation and rolled out a banner reading “Coal kills the climate!” In Königs-Wusterhausen the dirty lignite from Lusatia is reloaded from trains on inland waterway vessels, which then reach the Berlin power stations – especially Klingenberg in Treptow-Koepenick – by boat.
From 11/30 to 12/11 a climate summit takes place once again – this time in Paris. Again, at least ostensibly they try to mitigate climate change by international agreements. Many people, however, are deeply disappointed by the failed negotiations of the last climate summit: What has been done to effective climate protection in recent decades, often was realised on the basis of many small regional initiatives, and often against the resistance of companies and national governments. For example, CO2 neutral municipalities, citizens’ wind farms or local resistance to environmental destruction.
The UN climate negotiations, however give the impression that it’s more about how money can be earned with climate change and how big business can be supported at greenwashing. Expansion of Certificates- trade, planning dangerous geoengineering large scale projects and GM are among the things of which we have to fear that they will be on the agenda in Paris. Big companies are allowed to exploit the negotiations shamelessly in order to improve their image. As part of the free “Solutions Cop21” exhibition in the Grand Palais in the centre of Paris eg the energy company Engie or the beverage producer Coca Cola with numerous other companies, which are responsible for massive environmental destruction, present themselves as problem solvers. Large companies are key accelerators of climate change and they prevent progressive measures by massive lobbying.
The fight against fossil fuels plays a central role in the fight against global climate change. Compared to other fossil fuels, coal releases a lot more carbon dioxide (CO2). The coal production is thereby one of the main causes of the actual climate change. In Germany comes about one third of carbon dioxide emissions from coal power plants.
The Lusatian lignite mining district is the second largest in Germany and therefore contributes significantly to climate change, and to devastating social and environmental consequences in its surroundings. People must leave their homes and water is at risk: In Berlin, the waters are endangered by ecological devastation due to lignite. Berlin depends on Lusatian lignite. Not only because of Berlin’s own coal-fired plants, but also because of the purchase of electricity from Lusatian lignite. That is why in Berlin the politicians as well all the Berliners are responsable to actively fight for the coal phase-out.
Coal kills the climate. In Lusatia, in Berlin and everywhere.

Robin Wood Berlin

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