1.7 Hambi and Hambi Treeplanting at Tag Des Guten Lebens Festival in Cologne

Several streets will be closed to traffic tomorrow around Ebertplatz in Cologne for Guten Leben Festival which will focus on ecology, sustainability, climate, interventions and activism.

There will be Hambi infostand as well as those for the Hambi Tree Planting Action this Fall and for several other allied anti-coal initiatives:

Hansaring 147

Energie, Neusser Str 30, 35

Neusser Str. 47

Trigger Warning: As for any event of this scale and with city approval there will be groups there advocating green capitalism.  Some of us feel however it is also important not to have that be the only “alternative” and “solution” presented to the masses as an answer to the present problems of planetary exploitation and ecological destruction.   Closing streets to traffic is a small symbolic step in the right direction and perhaps actions like Auf Bäumen Gegen Kohle could inspire people to realize that when the streets are closed off it would be better to plant them with trees from Hambi and not open them to traffic ever again.

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  1. Martin Herrndorf


    just stumbled across this announcement.

    As one of the organisers: I share most of your sentiments. I feel it is important to have a breadth of perspective at the event. We’re happy for your attendance and for bringing the Hambi protest and resistance to the city of cologne. We’re also seeing the “one-day” closure as an impulse for lasting and wider reaching infrastructure adjustments, including car-free streets and neighbourhoods.

    Good luck for the struggle@Hambi,


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