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3:54 pm All four are back out from the police station, each with bruises and contusions. They are welcomed by their beloved. Fucking cops!

3:45 pm YIPPEE! The first compa has been released from the police station in Düren and is free again!
Come with love, power, tea, biscuits and whatever you can think up to Düren in front of the police station and wait for the activists!
You can find an action statement in the previous article.

1:00 pm The contact to the cleared occupations has been interrupted.

0:45 pm The last person is just brought down with the lifting platform. Presumably, they also will be brought to Düren.
The excavator of the second occupation has moved, but does not yet work again.

12:20 am The locks of the two chained people at the second Occupation are also open and they are to be cleared now. Both excavators are still halted.

11:35 am The activists have been brought into the police station in Düren. Come along and show your solidarity.

11:30 am The second person has been cleared too.

11:10 am On Occupation #1 the first person just has been cleared. The bicycle lock is cracked.

11:00 am At Occupation #1 a unit of climbing cops is coming up!
Occupation #2 is in a good mood. Everything is standing still!

10:00 am In the fine dust pink sunrise a hydraulic ramp is raised at Occupation #1

09:00 am Apparently, the technical unit is in Paris and they don’t get beyond stupid sayings

06:00 am Shift change for the RWE workers.
A heated toilet is set up for the guards.

04:35 am A fire truck of RWE and a police van are below in front of the 46 m high steel scaffolding. Otherwise, everything is quiet.
The occupiers are doing well and are guarded by RWE employees who are with them on the platform.
From Occupation #1 beverages and ​food were taken away, but they were given back soon.
“If you were my daughter, I would give you a good spanking” – comment of an RWE security employee.

03:00 am Occupation #1: The activists are guarded now and photos are taken for the police. Climbing harnesses were also offered to them, but they refused. A police van on the ground.
To Occupation #2 was announced that they are to be guarded by 2 workers until the evacuation.

02:29 am One of the excavators was started but on calls by the activists it was stopped again.

01:43 am The second (#2 of 2) loading excavator at the coal bunker is occupied and is standing still! The occupiers are on the highest platform of both excavators and chained themselves. Their banner reads “There are no jobs on a dead planet.” Both occupations remain unmolested by securities until now.

01:10 am A loading excavator at the coal bunker is occupied! Their banner reads “Forest instead of jail”.

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