Buir Station and Alternatives of Getting to the Forest

Thursday, November 28 was the day when we dodged a bullet. An evictions of the forest after 3 days of cutting were to start involving thousands of cops. Parking spaces were reserved for police use only at the local train station. Then after two days of celebratory actions on Tuesday eve and on Wednesday, something peculiar started happening at Buir train station. Around the places previously reserved for cops, first 3 mobile offices and then crates of equipment were dropped off. The gear contained 5 boxes of batteries for walkie-talkies, portable power cubes and 4 full crates(!) of surveyors tripods.
It was announced that work would start to extend the local train platform, however its important to point out how inappropriate this equipment would be for this type of construction: power cubes would not be needed at all as the station is connected to the power grid; they would be perfect for setting up perimeters of lights around forest evictions instead, equally useless would be walkie-talkie batteries(especially in this quantity) as they have limited use on small construction sites. The bigest give-away was the crates of surveying equipment as it is what would be needed to either survey and lay out a small town or cut massive number of roads into the forest. This still was only a matter of speculation before it was oddly confirmed by cops themselves who while trying to convince some of our supporters to pressure us to remove and evict some of our own barricades uder the threat of cutting massive new roads into the forest and starting eviction of tree houses unless we comply. Such statements are meant to divide and co-opt part of our base of supports and actions of this scale have to be planned far in advance and usually take place anyway regardless of the response. Also all this equimpent that constitutes a mega-eviction wish list continues to be stored on site in mobile containers as are two cranes of the type used for evicting barricades. There is yet another clue, the original signs for blocking spaces for police cars(as checked with local road crews, temporary signs are part of particular work-order as part of which they are picked up and removed by the same road-crew that installed them when no longer needed) were instead left and put togeter with other equipment indicating that they are part of the same operation/project.

This, yes, circumstantial,yet very strong evidence combined with the most likely pro-profiteering and climate destroying higher court verdict to resume the cutting and mining of lignite under the millenarian Hambach Forest coming this week, also with ease of closing access under the bridge from Buir to Hambi and this more likely being escalated by the cops into massive actions calls for taking alternative strategies of support into account:

  1. Supporting by being already on the ground in the forest, pack your gear and head for the forest!
  2. Using #HambiBleibt on twitter to individually update the situation of road blocks and controls as outside situation might be difficult to be included on the ticker and if it is it most likely will have certain delay.
  3. Preparing Alternatives for accessing the forest by:
    a. bicycling from the closest train stations
    b. taking a bus to Manheim and Morschenich
    c. optimally setting up carpools and shuttles to carry your affinity groups to the areas proximate to the forest.

It is important to also look at this delay in cutting and everything that has taken place during this time as an attempt to decrease, weaken and exhaust the base of support that has been such a phenomenal force multiplier to the Hambi Occupation.

So despite the surrounding dynamic of disinformation, psychological warfare and attempts to atomize and divide the movement lets not allow this fight for a Planet and a World worth living on to cease and lets keep this struggle going!

Hambi Bleibt! EndeGelaende! Reclaim the Power! Rising Tide! EarthFirst!: _All One Struggle_ _One Fight_!!!

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  1. It's our decision

    Looks to me that everything should be done to eradicate Hambi before the end of the year and especially to be in plan.

    I’m sure that as long as everybody thinks of the open cast mine as a threatening hole which could be filled with water and which nobody alive at the moment will see, there is no future for Hambi.

    Realistically the biggest hole in Europe is the greatest chance.
    You can put everything in this hole you want.
    A big hospital, a university, laboratories, football or sports arenas, (alternative energy) power plants, logistics centers, an amusement park, a (mining) museum, futuristic transport systems and so on and even all together with a potential of ten thousands of jobs.

    Even if you would leave the mine alone after its operation I’m absolutely sure that nature will reclaim the territory and the ground will be covered with green in less than thirty years. I saw pictures taken around Chernobyl a few years ago. They were tremendous. Nature has been left completely alone there.

    The old motorway A 4 should not be crossed by the excavators, that’s the only reasonable solution for the future.
    You could earn much money with parking fees alone between the old and the new A 4 for the biggest project in Europe next to the then former mine.
    And Hambi would be a great reservoir to help nature to expand in the process.

    Shame on you, Germany.

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