Guided tours of the Hambach Forest

Mona/ Oaktown

Sunday, December 27th, 12:00, was the 20th guided tour of the Hambach Forest by the forest teacher and nature guide Michael Zobel. They take place every month – not only for those, who understand enough German, because you easily can find a translator. Until now, 1550 people participated already…
Where we always meet: OpenStreetMap
The Pope, Obama, Vattenfall … and now, above all, the shareholders, many noted that the unlimited exploitation of our planet can not continue this way. And what does RWE? The deforestation season of this year is in full swing, 70 more hectares of this unique forest are fenced in and have to be destroyed irrevocably contrary to any sense.

In 2016 these guided tours will be continued every month: January 17, February 14, March 13, April 17, May 8, June 19,…

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