New Year’s Eve: come to the jail!

Found at abcrhineland:

“On December 31, we call for protests in front of the prison Cologne-Ossendorf! Until recently there were still our friends of the forest occupation in the Hambach Forest. Now they are out there, but still hundreds of other inside. We want freedom for all prisoners!

The Autonomous jail project mobilizes for small group actions: Come on the 31.12. and throughout the New Year’s Night in affinity groups in front of the jail, react flexibly to the police and make enough noise to get your messages to the prisoners beyond the walls!

At 7:00 p.m., there will be a scheduled manifestation on the Rochus Strasse, directly opposite the pre-trial detention houses. A loudspeaker installation is available and there will be concert.
Come all to the jail – let’s show to the prisoners that we do not forget them!”

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