Defend the Hambach Forest!

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A new year has begun, but the grubbing season is not over yet, alas! Until the end of February, RWE is allowed to deforest, thanks to loyal politicians! And their plans lead them also in “our” part of the forest! Two pumping stations and a test drill station are to be built in places where anyone who ever visited the Hambach Forest, certainly went there.

In this time every thinking mind is needed, every energetic hand and every burning heart, to defend the forest effectively in manifold ways!

If you consider visiting (again) the occupations for some time, January and February is the right time! Thanks to climate change (whether human-made or not), it is not too cold here. In addition, the fight for the forest will make us sweat, but not only us! It is of utmost importance that all who wish that the forest remains, come here in these last two months of the deforesting season!

We will meet on the barricades!

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