Security guard strikes activists with his jeep

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The activist who was struck intentionally by a jeep of RWE and subsequently was beaten-up and arrested yesterday, has been led today (Friday) before the custodial judge, and is now indefinitely on remand. Now more than ever: Show your solidarity, come into the forest!
Information such as the address of the prisoner and how you can support him otherwise, will be published as soon as possible at the blog of the Anarchist Black Cross Rhineland.

January 22nd – We just received a message from the Hambach Forest. Early in the morning of today, RWE procured access to the area of the forest that is occupied by us, under the protection of its security service. They started to carry out grubbing operations in the area of a bridge near Morschenich.

Several activists blocked the way and initially made the RWE people leave the forest. Shortly afterwards it came to clashes between security guards and the activists. Objects such as stones, flew in both directions. Then one of the security guards of RWE cried to his colleagues: “Out the way, out the way, I’m gonna run’em over!”, climbed into a jeep and drove high speed to the activists. These tried to dodge the car, then he weaved his way from side to side over the entire width of the road. He injured several activists.
Two security guards ran towards the activists and arrested two of them, which could be freed by a quick intervention. One activist who was too injured by the jeep, was unable to escape. He was laying on the earth and was caught by security guards, dragged onto the loading space of their jeep and kidnapped. A short time later an ambulance came into the forest. Currently we do not know more about our deported activist.

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