Walk around the open pit on 04/03/2016

On Sunday, there was a walk around the open pit for everyone who felt able to participate. Below you can read the amusing report of what happened there.

  • 08:30 Police & RWE’s Private Security Service apparently are very worried about the ten people who walk around the open pit today. After the start of the walk, a helicopter flies over the meadow and the roads towards open pit are blocked by Team Blue.
  • 12:28 The walking group now reaches the tourist viewpoint on the pit (“Terra Nova”) and is kindly accompanied by six vans, a camera car and a security jeep, who ensure that no one falls into the hole 😉
  • 13:39 Ten vans are spotted near “Deathtrap”
  • 14:06 The walking group is going to reach the overburden dump Sophie height and is still in police accompaniment (a camera car, two vans). ID checks are performed by plainclothes officers on the ground: “We are interested in all people who are interested in the activists”
  • 15:42 After a half-hour break (during which the walking group was observed at eating bread rolls) the people climb on the steepest and most intricate paths they could find the Sophienhöhe – followed by four cops in full riot gear, who probably have to sweat a lot on this sunny day.
  • 16:19 Meanwhile, the meadow is besieged constantly by 3-5 vans since this morning
  • 18:56 The people are go back and no longer feel taken seriously – Team Blue has withdrawn
  • 21:00 All are back. It was nice. If you should plan once to go to the Sophienhöhe – it’s not worth really. But in fact we knew that already before.

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