Show your solidarity !!!

Still 3 compas of the forest occupation in prison!

It is important that the people within the prison walls know that they are not alone! And we do not want to accept peacefully when our compas are locked away. If you have long toyed with the idea of ​​making an action against lignite mining or environmental destruction, do it now! Spontaneous demonstrations, sabotages, hanging banners – the imagination knows no boundaries. And declare your solidarity with the three prisoners in your action statement.
You can also make solidarity photos with banners, and send them to us.
But direct aid is needed as well:

Write to them!
You find Mr. Blues’ jail address at the end of this article, those of the other two prisoners, we can publish only after consultation. For this reason, please send mail to these two to the WAA, Workshop for Action and Alternatives (address also below), then we will take care of it. Letters are often the only prisoners’ incommunicado, and therefore often a matter of survival! Give vent to your creativity – enrich your mail with music, stickers, lyrics or the like that!
You can also write an e-mail to us – we will then print it and send it to the people in jail.

Send them reading material!
In the cell, it can be terribly boring. Often letters and parcels are not approved by the turnkeys. The best chances have rather thin printing units without a hard cover and with non-political content. But please try also to send political stuff – if it works, that’s twice as nice for the prisoners.

The state is trying to scare us off our struggle with fines and imprisonment – although we will not be intimidated! But we only can meet the repression together! Even more than before is true now:

Let us smash RWE together and end the deadly lignite mining! We fight for solidarity between humans, animals and ecosystems, for a freed society!

Here the addresses:

Mister Blue, 1uJS932/15
JVA Aachen
Krefelder Strasse 251
52070 Aachen

Kallsgasse 20
52355 Düren-Gürzenich

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