These two events were reported in the last days:

  1. Sabotage am Tagebau Inden (Sabotage near the Inden opencast mine)
    “Since April 12th 2016, this text can be found at Indymedia linksunten (bottom left). Here it is only redistributed, the content of the text is debatable.
    Note: The current authors of this blog have nothing to deal with both the text, as well as with the action described! This is an uncommented forwarding information.
    Then follows a text in German, in which a person declares to have tried to fell a pylon which transports the electricity needed for the open pit of Inden. It has suffered severe damage and needs to be replaced now.
  2. Under the title Anschlag? (Attack?) we published a comment to another text at Licht aus. Tagebau Hambach, Lights off. Opencast mine Hambach
    “From the side of the meadow occupation absolutely nothing can be confirmed. During the night in question no police was sighted around the mine, nor did we spot any fire. So far we have heard from none of our trusted sources that an action like this has occurred. We do not know, and here there is already speculation that this could have been a “False Flag” attack by RWE or RWE-affiliated individuals. It would make sense: Actually the resistance is more focussed by the authorities (as the recent police raids show), and that such events would lead to a closer look, which is certainly on the mind of RWE.”

We don’t have more details at this moment, we will report further in any case, if there is something new. And if anyone has more info / eyewitness accounts, please contact us! (Mails through our contact is automatically encrypted).
The second event remembered a reader of the German version of this site to the Reichstag fire in 1933, when the Nazis used (and probably lighted) this fire to start the prosecution and elimination of their enemies.

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