RWE wants the meadow: voluntarily or by force!

According to the owner of the meadow, RWE Power AG demands the approval of the sale of the meadow including the protest camp. If this consent is not obtained, the area including the protest camp will be expropriated (“Grundabtretungsverfahren”).

He says that a talk is to be conducted in the presence of the legal advisor of RWE Power AG. Then everything will be discussed in more detail. If the discussion is refused, the expropriation proceedings shall be initiated. On threat of this delicate evil (§ 240 German Criminal Code: coercion) the owner of the meadow has agreed to talk with representatives of RWE Power AG..

A proposal of the owner of the meadow for a meeting in November, after the hearing of the action brought against the 3th basic operating plan Hambach before the administrative court in Aachen was rejected. They said it was too late. It remained unclear why.

Then a talk was fixed for Friday, October 07, 2016. Representatives of the meadow have the right to participate in this discussion and are invited, because their interests are directly affected.

The owner of the meadow does not understand why RWE must have the meadow including the protest camp already now, although the meadow will not be used for the open pit until about 2022 to complete and the pending litigation against the relocation of the A 4 and against the 3th basic operating plan Hambach, the open pit Hambach still at any time could be stopped completely and according to interim measures.

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