Photos of first clearing works

Last week (Wednesday and Thursday) first clearing of this winter took place, also near the Beechtown occupation, but now for the first time this season on both sides of the motorway, not even a stone throw away from the first barricade. With heavy machinery, first aisles were driven into the forest, undergrowth was removed, and some trees were felled, as you can seen in these pictures. (Click to enlarge)

Felling near Beechtown-1

Felling near Beechtown-2

rodung bei beechtown-3

Felling near Beechtown-4

Felling near Beechtown-5

Felling near Beechtown-6

Felling near Beechtown-7

Felling near Beechtown-8

Felling near Beechtown-9

Felling near Beechtown-10

Felling near Beechtown-11

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