Things that we urgently need right now

We expect the eviction soon, so we need:

  • Evictionfood (VEGAN) (food, which doesn’t get bad) oats, rice, tins, chocolate, nuts, dried fruit
  • packed water (also for eviction)
  • small gas stoves
  • all kind of transport capacities (cars, trailers, time)
  • Bitumen to rainproof our roofs 😉

Thanks in advance, also for all the many things that have arrived in any form already with us.

System Change, not Climate Change!

See also Donations in kind

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  1. Lucia Martinez Conde

    Hi there!!!

    You guys just appeared in the Spanish national news, and I absolutely love and support what you are doing. Please, take care of yourselves, keep resisting don’t give up.

    Also, I wanted to ask what can I do to help you. I live in Spain and I am unable to travel, but I want to know if there is any way in which I can help you by sending supplies or other things you might need, and in which way I can do so.

    Once again, we are soo proud of you and begging you to keep going on.

    Lots of love from Spain,


    1. waldzwei

      Thanks a lot for your kind offer. From Spain, which is not next door, there are 2 ways, you can support us.
      First of all, we need new warm things like clothing, blankets etc., because a lot of it has been destroyed or stolen by police. But sending that from Spain would be expensive and not so good for the environment, so better send us money. See donations.
      If you are good in translating, that could be helpful too. Most easy: put your translation under the article, that you translated. But first check please, if there is a translation available, by clicking on “Español”

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