UPIII’s Extrajudicial 2nd month detention with no mail

UP III who was arrested during the Anti-Specist week continues to be detained as a flight risk, pending trial, with really shabby evidence against them which is being covered up by not giving defense access to it.  Their mail is being severely cut off with UP  III only receiving 2 letters after a month and a half of imprisonment with at least 50 having been sent.   There is no legal ground for withholding the mail all together so instead it is being send for translation, then forwarded to a Aachen districts court from Cologne for approval, resend back to persecution and only then forwarded back to jail. This delay could take as long as two months altogether with mail being “lost” at any point in this burocratic chain isolation and psychological repression.

Detention of multiple Hambi prisoners for months pending trial, with no access to the evidence against them.  This being rather convenient for authorities as people are being detained under resisting or attacking the  charges in situations, where many were locked-on not able to move or were clearly visible on mono-pods and in sky-pods exercising passive resistance.  In this particular case cops claimed that intimidatingly sounding “pyrotechnics” were used against them when the case did not even include fireworks shot at the cops but simple firecrackers.  This is very familiar to the previous barricade eviction having our comrades locked up for months for a “dangerous weapon” that was a small “legal” pocket knife whose existence during the eviction couldn’t be proven (as it never was in the pocket)  while there were also passively resisting while locked on to a concrete lock on.  What _is_ dangerous here is that Hambi Forest Activists are taking an active role in resisting and pointing out the globally destructive dynamic of RWE’s actions on not just the local Hambi ecosystem but on the whole planetary climate, and are being silenced and taken out of actions under more and more bogus pretexts.  What is even more dangerous here is that protecting and allowing the Climate Criminal like RWE to continue its lignite open-cast extraction and hide behind local courts, police and the whole government establishment is leading deeper and deeper into a global extinction and climate disaster from which the planet can not recover itself, and is creating a legal facade behind which RWE avoids any legal responsibility or costs for the “externalities” of fossil fuels and specifically coal extraction and burning.  This danger is compounded by this catastrophe being used as an excuse for more polarized politics and attacking and persecuting and blaming instead groups like refugees and environmental activists distracting the public from the severity of the present situation.  Instead of innovation, socially and ecologically driven solutions using public resources for repression, erosion of civil rights protections and instilling even more and more repressive laws bringing us closer and closer to the repeat of the crimes of National Socialism/Fascism as the effect of Climate Emergency bring on their own high level of global pain, misery, food insecurity and hunger and social instability coming hand in hand with ultra high violence and repression.  History might not exactly repeat itself but it sure rhymes….

Present treatment of UPIII is even more escalate injustice, very unusual and also amounts to extra-judicial withholding and blocking of mail all together and once again it is used specifically against a prisoner that does not speak german, UPIII is an english speaker(This has happened before with Jus not receiving any mail through his 23 hunger strike and with UPIV only getting 2 letters as well in over a month of detention).  This is an attempt at taking their psychological support, trying to isolate and break them even more.  All reading this are not only encouraged to write even more then but also to document the date and mail sent, keeping a copy, please write it on the letter as well, spreading the word about this treatment.  Also an appeal goes out to all activist and political lawyers and legal help to look at this case  and appeal and file legal complaints about this psychological warfare like treatment attempting to break the spirits of resistors and political prisoners from Hambi protesting and resisting the global Climate and Planet destroying conglomerate RWE.


FUCK ALL PRISONS!!  Especially the Global Climate-Disasterism-Prison-Reality RWE is putting in place hand in hand with North Rhine Westphalia Courts and Police: a prison of extinction, collapse, hunger and violence from which no one will ever be able to  break out or demolish…

It is also important to point out that this campaign of escalation of injustice is in preparation for mega-scale evictions being planed for the over 13 Hambach Forest Occupations its over 33 tree-houses and countless species and millions of trees, in this 12 thousand year old forest, to be cut and erased from October to February with high possibility of evictions even before the cutting season.  So again have your backpack and gear ready for re-occupation, and support Hambi and its Prisoners with Solidarity actions wherever you are.

For Hambi! For the Climate! For the Planet!!!

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