Today’s Forest Walk

Today despite the rainy weather over 100 people showed up for the Forest walk with the youngest person being 3 months and the oldest being 80 years old.  Also despite the gloomy weather and even gloomier reality of RWE’s giant diggers and their climate killing effect, the atmosphere was very upbeat with visitors and supporters expressing their appreciation for the Hambi struggle. There were also present representatives and defenders of the indigenous struggles in both Colombia and Siberia where RWE’s coal mining is also causing, except much greater, ecological destabilization and much more extreme persecution of the anti coal opposition and resistance with over several thousands in Colombia having been killed by paramilitaries openly being paid by RWE’s contractors and incredible and cataclysmic decimation of Coal Mining in Kiznetsk region.

It is important that those like many here in the global north who are of much higher privilege and are sheltered from these ultra high levels of repression and who yet utilize the energy from blood coal that is connected to these extractionists fear, pain and death politics, that they support through solidarity those struggles and that our comrades there are reminded that we have their back.

On a lighter note one of our wonderful supporters made a digger shaped chocolate brownie cake that was immediately cut to pieces and devoured by forest activists and supporters.

Thanks to all who stopped by and expressed  and extended their support to the Forest Occupation: You are one of the crucial factors responsible for the Hambi struggle continuing through out the years and for Forest Activists not buring out in higher numbers.

Gracias i/und/and Spasiba!!

For the Earth, For the Climate: For Hambi!!!


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