Hambi4 still imprisoned in Ossendorf, Cologne – Needing Support

Four Hambach Forest Comrades remain detained and are still in need of support.  Their number is still the greatest number of forest activists held ever, before the recent arrest of the Hambi9.  They continue  being detained for withholding their personal information, even though the German legal law allows for 48hr detention to determine ones identity, which has been the case  till now.  They are considered to be a flight risk even though all Hambach Forest Activists have allays showed up for trial even if charged anonymously.  The Four also remain detained despite using passive methods of direct resistance after months of NRW police threats to escalate police violence if there is any forms of militant resistance from the occupation.  The obvious escalation has again come from the State protecting RWE’s with its destructive ecological and climate impact.  And once again it was the wide mobilization involving activists and supporters and not the State that brought attention back not just to the repression and injustice involved but also  to the need and general public support of coal-exit, climate mitigation and alternative energy innovation, to say nothing of reducing  energy consumption all together and system change. Change of system that continues to poison and destroy the planet, cut its forest  and that continues to detain the Hambi4.

Global Warming/Climate Change remains the most pressing and important issue of our times and the Four remain the true Climate Heroes!  Please write them and modify the 9 to 4 in all FreeHambi9 literature, posters, and banners.  As especially now it is important not to feel them left behind and forgotten.  This support could also help the released 5 re-adjust as the effects of imprisonment do not end when leaving the prison gate and the courthouse door…

Huge Thanks for all the support and please keep it coming till all are free and untill the RWE destruction of Villages, Towns, Forests and the Planet comes to an end.

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