Hambi Prisoners Test Subjects of Run-away Repression

Progressing climate, social and ecological breakdown is pulling the rest of society and western civilization down into a downward spiral of militarized “creeping fascism” disaster-capitalism. This dynamic is seen nowhere better than on the front-line of green resistance against extractionism here in Hambach Forest. It is reflected by the treatment of our comrades who have been automatically imprisoned for blockading RWE deforestation and for choosing to stay anonymous. Instead of being given a mere illusion and pretense of “fair trial” instead show the true ugly face of repression and the spectacle that the co-option of local politicians and police by coal extractionism has made of the legal system. Legal System automatically locking people up for two 3 months pending trial, cut them off from mail, not give the defense access to the “evidence” against them. All of this is not possible to justify without also a massive “Green Scare” media campaign in which people defending the forests and the Planet’s climate from collapse become criminals and terrorists, where firecrackers become dangerous pyrotechnics and using one amounts to assaulting the police when thousands of our comrades are directly attacked and hundreds severely injured in places like ZAD by high explosive concussion grenades. When hundreds more are murdered by on and off-duty police, and hit-squads working for extractionists mining interests around the world.
Compared to our comrades in the global south and even France we still represent privilege, privilege that is countered with politicization and radicalization of many of us who see how ridiculous and repressive the Extractionist RWE(and others) Climate Chaos Machine is becoming.

As many of the UPs from the original Hambi9, Hambi4, UP IV and UP III (yes do to exponentially increasing number of Hambi prisoners we had to start using Roman Numerals) are now on the outside it is becoming obvious how deep and how much of a run-away effect there is just like with the Climate with the dynamic of “Green Scare” Repression.

The prisoners now are not just denied access to the evidence against them preventing appeals of their imprisonment, in order to break them down psychologically are denied simple elemental essentials like shoes, with UP IV being barefoot for over 2 weeks, no vegan food or even margarine for over a week. Then there is the cutting of mail, there is certain items that are officially forbidden, ie maps that could be used for escape, anything calling for insurrectionist destruction of prisons etc, but those items are not what concerns the prison officials, what is especially withheld is texts on prison issues: prisoner advocacy, support, prison privatization, US industrial Prison complex, War on Drugs etc.. Those texts are not even withheld and given back upon release as specified by their own regulations but taken, stolen, destroyed and dissapeared. Symbolizing how it is not just Climate Killing corporations, like RWE, that are becoming the new untouchables of the Climate Disasterism but so is the repressive apparatus that supports them and represses activists that stand up to their corporate masters.

Another tactic that is being employed attempting to psychologically repress and also divide the prisoners is that some prisoners are given access to each other while others are isolated, some are given mail while others like UP IV recently released was not given any mail except 2 letters for over a month. UP IV also presented a proof of their employment showing that they had a permanent place where they could be found pending trial, dismissing the argument of pre-trial detention. Which is bogus to begin with as all of Hambi activists even while remaining anonymous have always showed up for our trials to make a political statement. So in the case of UP IV that written evidence was dismissed by the judge without verifying it with a single phone call as fraudulent and only on an apeal to a higher court was it acted on and after a month of detention was pre-trial release granted.

This incident shows how complacent and co-opted the local courts are to RWE destruction of local communities, ecosystems and the Planets Climate at large by the local municipalities being heavily invested in failing RWE, how local politicians, press and the police are openly on the pay of the same and how their only way to attempt to not just erode our wide popular support but also distract from their own complicity and guilt in making the whole planet unlivable for the future generations is to point a finger and redirect attention at the climate-justice activists the Hambi resistors and animal rights activists. The erosion of illusion of any due process will continue the prisoners of this and other struggle will continue to be repress more and more unless resistance and support is given on that front as well. New laws are being put in place as this is written to expand police powers in Germany even more and the treatment of Hambi prisoners is becoming their new testing area of what they can get away with. With none of the power that is taken ever being given back willfully once again this fight is not just for our inter-specie comrades for the local communities and the whole planet, it is a fight for our lives for a reality that is not just free of extreme weather years full of unprecedented wild fires and super hurricanes, droughts and unprecedented waves of climate refugees. It is a fight from an onset of another ultra repressive reality of neo-liberal fascism that uses the disaster of their own making to blame others intercept more power than ever as it utilizes new technologies of surveillance and propaganda that like newspapers and radio made the last defeated fascist regimes possible.

Capitalism in its constant drive to comodify and extract everything approaches “hearts and minds” as just another resource to be co-opted and exploited, and that is another realm like that of ecosystems and local communities where we have to counter its assault of disinformation and propaganda with the message of climate-justice of radical sustainability and “degrowth” of not just consumption and extractionsims but of repression, militarism and seizure of recently unprecedented powers that goes hand in hand with capitalist planetary destruction.

Lets stand up to this Shit in Hambacher Forest now and especially in October and following now imminent evictions, in ZAD in Pont Valley in Trebur Wald and in countless South struggles who are not so privileged and listen to their stories as their everyday reality is the reality that progressively is becoming our own.

For Hambi, For Zad for Pont Valley for the Eearth!!

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  1. Peter

    I have been waiting for a while now for an article which addresses the injustice which is currently happening to you. There it is now, and it’s great.

    What’s happening is really a disaster and everyone who doesn’t support your ideas will be guilty of the chaos we can expect in many possible ways as a consequence. And it doesn’t even matter which political party you support. It’s just a question if you want to use reason or not.
    It’s absolutely evident that whole cities and municipalities and their politicians are financially on the drip of RWE. This shouldn’t had happened at all and every day this disastrous and deadly coalition of politicians and RWE lasts longer is a very bad day for society, all species and the earth as a whole.

    And the story seems to be going on. It’s a scandal that RWE and EON will be allowed to split up their business to eliminate competition with the consent of the politicians.
    If the oil industry would split up their business in the same way and one company would run the fuel stations, one would be responsible for the transport, one would run the refineries and one would do the oil drilling and exploration, the fuel prices would at least double.

    It’s really embarrassing for me that it is my generation who never had to experience war or hunger which is now not only very short-sighted but even so bad to young people who are really humble and try to protect the earth and living organisms which can’t protect themselves.

    Probably you don’t like the idea because you prefer to stay away as far as you can from the capitalistic system, but the article could also be used as an open letter to all RWE shareholders which meet on Thursday with the additional advice not to approve the Acts of the Executive Board.

    At least to submit this article to Earth First Journal and enoughisenough14.org should be a good idea.

    1. Hot-Sauce Butt-Plug for Western Civilization

      Thank You for acknowledging that is important to write about this situation and spread the word about how globally destructive, dishonest and repressive continuation of RWE lignite extraction is.

      It is especially important also as one of the psychological aspect of repression is the dissonance, Orwellian hijacking of reality itself, that not just propaganda but police violence and unjust sentencing is intended to cause. You know that not only you are right but that you are doing someting that should be social ecological and ethical responsibility of all. The bullshit machine is meant to cut us off from base of support and justify more and more repressive, violent and massive police actions. Chomsky’s idea of “Manufacturing Consent” comes to mind and so does the term used during the war in Vietnam: “Battle for Hearts and Souls”
      That is why this struggle is not just fought on barricades, in lock-on and tree-houses but on-line, in print and with every conversation that all us have. The price of not doing so is a Food Scarcity, Peak Everything and global civilization collapse(ok the last one is actually not so bad and long overdue 🙂 )

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