Upcoming RWE Trial,Metting Tomorrow, Tues, 7PM Gallien

Upcoming RWE trial that will take place on October 17 in Cologne regarding endangered species in this seasons cutting line and the companys lack of enviromental studies.  Do not hold your breath for additional postponment of the cutting given the history and trackrecord of the local courts being coopted by the RWE Climate Killer Machine to be mostly used as a repressive mechanism.

Do however join us either at the trial or tomorrow to discuss the matter in the Forest in Gallien Occupation at 19 oclock.

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  1. Peter

    Is this the concept of the future?
    To create nature reserves after the destruction of 90 % of natural resources?

    This is not an idea we should accept and transmit to future generations.
    Radically spoken, the problem of extractionism is the lack of respect, not a shortage in the number of natural reserves.

    For the EARTH !!

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